Nanjing Xijian Information Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech company focused on taking control of heart health, we are dedicated to providing professional heart health management solutions to doctors, patients and sub-healthy population through the use of our innovative mobile medical solutions including a series of medical grade ECG devices, mobile app, intelligence analysis could and medical service.

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We help every doctor to manage his patients and establish personal brand, forming a stable consultation-treatment relationship. The aim is to turn the late-stage treatment of a disease into the early prevention and follow-up. In doing this, we can improve the grassroots medical treatment, thereby solving the imbalanced distribution of medical resources.

Our device can improve detection rate of the Chinese atrial fibrillation patients, and provide dedicated follow-up and monitor services to those patients who have administered atrial fibrillation drugs or undergone operations. With our device, we can accomplish all-course management before, during and after hospitalization; assess, establish and continuously improve new codes for atrial fibrillation diagnosis and follow-up. In doing these, we can reduce the incidence of cerebrovascular disorder due to atrial fibrillation, thereby contributing to the management of the Chinese chronic cardiovascular disease.

We will become the future leader of non-hospital ECG monitor market. We intend to make mobile ECG device easier, introducing it into every families and contributing to the health of people.

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