Your family doctor of heart

As a family medical grade ECG device, this palm device needs only to connect a smart phone to gather ECG data at any time, turning complicated ECG data into a health report that is easy to read. It enables everyone to easily understand their “heart”.

Initial disease screening

Heart attack mostly occurs beyond the hospital. It is highly concealed, and hospital routine examinations are not fairly enough to detect. This SnapECG recorder can quickly test your ECG at any time, meeting everyday self-measurement and timely detection of seizure. It does not preclude any “abnormal” ECG wave, thereby greatly increasing the detection rate of heart disease.

Spot abnormalities as reference to medical consultation

When a patient feels nervousness and palpitations, he can immediately use “Palm ECG device” for gathering and recording information of abnormal ECG. ECG data will be automatically stored to both your mobile phone and cloud server. When you consult a doctor in a hospital, you can provide proof of the ECG condition during occurrence of the disease. This is beneficial to early diagnosis of arrhythmia and assessment of effect of post-operative/medical treatment.

Online guidance by renowned doctors

You can also use the ECG data recorded by your mobile app “SnapECG for user” and send them to “Heart Hotline Platform”, so that online doctors or your attending physician can give you timely suggestion in rely. It seems that you have a distant health assistant or private doctor.

Help track condition and effect of drug administration

It provides periodical ECG measurement. ECG measurements are smartly stored, making it easy for a doctor to read and compare, in order to immediately find the latest changes in the condition. It is convenient for you to contact your attending physician in a real-time manner and to communicate over the therapeutic effect. In doing this, the best treatment proposal can be figured out through adjustment.

Efficient precision: Make medical grade accuracy

Palm ECG device was given National Register of Medical Device and CE Medical Device Certification (EU) in 2014. As a medical grade ECG monitor device recommended by China Cardiovascular Health League, it has undergone clinical test by Grade III, Class A hospitals and proves highly stable, resistant to interference, safe and effective.

Wearable and useable when in sports

By correctly wearing ECG recorder and heartbeat belt before your chest, you can start monitoring your heartbeat and ECG in movement. Our elaborate development is only intended for your easier ECG measurement.

Stress privacy, private measurement

The heartbeat belt is of TPU material and eco-friendly flexible film electrode. It is highly conductive to electricity, resistant to irritability, and comfortable to wear. Wearing this belt, you can achieve private measurement, thereby focusing more on your privacy.

Meet needs of post-operative rehabilitation and hospital follow-up

The exclusive rehabilitation mode on this wearable dynamic ECG logger enables long-time monitoring, tracking and recording of post-operative rehabilitation, so that you can immediately find concealed condition and avoid post-operative recurrences. It can meet needs of heart health management in and outside a hospital.

One-touch operation makes it easy for your parents to use

cloud sync with test results

It reassures your parents and of course, makes daughters and sons feel more at ease.

Miles apart from your parents, you tend to care about their health condition. Palm ECG app has a Wechat share function that enables you to know the real-time measurement of their ECG status. In case of any abnormalities, you can remind them to get treatment immediately. You can be “zero miles” away from your parents every day.

First choice gift cares more about “heart”.

Family device, civilian price

An ordinary family can afford to buy it and use its dedicated service.

It applies to individuals and families. One person buys it, and every member of the family can share.

It is a family routine monitor device in addition to sphygmomanometer and blood glucose meter.

You need a SnapECG

It applies to groups of people who have fitful, intermittent nervousness and palpitations and whose symptoms cannot be identified regardless of repeated consultations with doctors.

It applies to groups of people under initial screening of arrhythmia, medical effect assessment and post-operative follow-up.

Periodical detection of cardiovascular diseases in high risk people (hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipemia, obesity)

Monitoring of heart heath in people under high pressures (working overtime, stay up all night)